Regina Slowey
Managing Attorney, Orlans

Regina Slowey has over 20 years’ experience in commercial and residential real estate transactions, title underwriting, and litigation. She began her career clerking in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and has earned notable victories for her clients, particularly in real-estate-related actions. Most recently, Regina serves as Managing Attorney overseeing all litigation at Orlans PC. “One of the best things about this industry is that new directives, statutes, and opinions are always surfacing, which creates a dynamic atmosphere,” Slowey said. She has created best practices to streamline litigation management processes and timelines for legal personnel. “I am passionate about two things: education and continuous improvement. In this industry, it is imperative to focus on both in order to serve our clients effectively and efficiently, and to anticipate the next set of challenges.” Though she has spent the majority of her career working directly as counsel for clients, she has enjoyed moving into a leadership role at Orlans, especially the opportunity to work with and mentor other attorneys and professionals in the field. Contemplating the year ahead, she says, “I look forward to 2022; the ability to collaborate, adapt, and proceed will be indispensable.”