Marissa Yaker
Managing Attorney of Foreclosure // Padgett Law Group

Marissa Yaker, since the age of eight, had dreamed of being an attorney. She said she loves everything about the practice of law. Yaker said,“You truly learn something new every day. My passion for it has been the same since I was a kid, and I think I still bring that excitement to my work every day.” The best part of her job, she said, is providing legal training to her firms’ clients and being on the forefront of legal issues that impact the legal industry. “Working with our clients to resolve complex legal issues is rewarding because it’s intellectually challenging and keeps me stimulated both as an attorney and a professional focused on exemplary client service,” she said. Yaker added that she is proud to be a part of an industry that is evolving daily, with leadership increasingly female. “As a female, our voices are just as loud as our male counterparts, and more people are hearing us now,” Yaker said. “At [Padgett Law Group], much of our leadership is female, and we strive to maintain the meritocracy that our firm has always been.” She added attorneys and legal professionals can help lenders and servicers by further consolidating both complex and routine work with firms that have proven expertise in multiple jurisdictions. She said Padgett Law Group offers national bankruptcy services, coupled with comprehensive default practices in its multistate footprint. “It’s this kind of expertise across relevant practices and a broad geographic footprint that is, as I see it, the path to a better partnership between mortgage servicers and law firms,” she said.