Jennifer Warren
Principal // Warren Greene Management and Consulting, LLC

Jennifer Warren’s passion for the legal industry started at the young age of three, when she would watch legal dramas like Matlock, LA Law, and Law & Order with her father. Warren became employed with a law firm when she was just 20 years old, and for the next 20-plus years, she worked to advance herself and her knowledge base within the field, culminating in her ultimate goal of owning her own business and utilizing the expansive knowledge and skills that she had developed to provide services and assistance others. “Owning the company allows us the discretion to be selective with our partners and ensure that our respective values and goals are in line,” Warren said. As the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring uncertainty to our industry, there will be a potential default spike coming in the near future. “We have all learned from past experience that default spikes always lead to even greater regulatory scrutiny.” Warren says that having an effective, updated, and proactive Quality Control and Compliance process in place will be essential in 2021. “It is essential that mortgage professionals eliminate any potential risk and situate themselves in the best position for uninterrupted growth.” Warren said that her company works with their clients to evaluate and streamline their processes, policies, procedures, and case management systems to help them achieve high-performance and revenue-saving practices. Warren Greene is passionate about being able to assist their clients with their needs and provide them with an additional perspective.