Hallie Greene
Principal // Warren Greene Management and Consulting, LLC

Hallie Greene has managed a wide variety of areas within the industry over the last 20-plus years. She now enjoys using her extensive experience to help her clients achieve their operational goals. She and Jennifer Warren worked together for two decades before starting Warren Greene Management and Consulting, LLC, which she marks as the highlight of her career. “We share the same work ethic, enthusiasm for the industry, and love of tackling challenges. Cofounding our Certified Women Owned Small Business with one of my great friends has been an amazing experience and is the highlight of my career to date,” she said. Greene is grateful to be an owner of her company as it allows her the flexibility to spend important time with her family. “I am the mom of a child with special needs and a guardian of my brother who has autism. Finding a balance between work, children, and family can be challenging—especially over the last year with quarantine and homeschooling thrown into the mix.” However, she tries to stay present wherever she is. “I give 100% to my work, and when I am with my family, I give 100% to them. It is not always easy to maintain a 100% presence in my current environment, but I try my best to stay conscience of this goal each day.” Challenges Greene foresees in 2021 include post-pandemic increases in default volume, regulation, and scrutiny. “Now more than ever, mortgage professionals and law-firms must find ways to handle their work efficiently and effectively without sacrificing quality,” she said. Warren Greene Management and Consulting, LLC offers customizable, cost-effective solutions for maximizing an organization’s capacity, productivity and work-product accuracy.