Courtney Thompson
SVP of Default Mortgage Servicing // Flagstar Bank

Courtney Thompson, J.D., is SVP of Default Mortgage Servicing, Flagstar Bank. She has 16 years’ experience as a lawyer and has been with Flagstar for seven years. Thompson says the most enriching part of her job is where law meets people, process, and technology. “Ultimately, we are responsible for consumers at risk of losing their homes,” Thompson says. “Every delinquent customer has a story, and most just want help from someone who has not just the knowledge and commitment to make the process work, but who has empathy for their plight.” As a young lawyer, Thompson learned quickly that in order to “ensure that you are always on equal (or better) footing in any room is to ensure that you are always the most prepared, and that you show up.” Today, Thompson is proud of her team at Flagstar, especially for how it came together to support customers during COVID-19. “In a year where the world has been upside down, we’ve been asked to show up for the people, processes and technology in a way we haven’t seen in over a decade since the last recession,” Thompson says. Next year, Thompson says mortgage professionals must ensure they are “keeping up with the rapidly changed regulatory requirements promulgated to and through the COVID-19 pandemic.” Thompson adds that mortgage professionals will also have to take on the implementation of the CFPB’s regulation associated with the FDCPA and manage through the pipeline of CARES Act forbearance customers “to ensure that are able to avail themselves of the multitude of options available in a post-COVID world.”