Catherine Di Lorenzo
Managing Delaware Attorney, Stern & Eisenberg

Catherine Di Lorenzo, Esq., Managing Attorney of all aspects of the S&E Delaware operations, brings her over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in criminal law, litigation, and all aspects of default servicing, litigation, family law, estate planning, general civil litigation, and guardianships. Catherine’s number-one priority is partnering with clients to achieve dynamic communications and processing to enhance client efficiencies. “Coming to Stern & Eisenberg was an exciting career changing decision. S&E has given me the autonomy and trust to manage Delaware operations so that we can continue to provide stellar services to our clients. We are encouraged to constantly evaluate our performance and improve and support a healthy work-life balance. Innovative ideas are always welcome at S&E. As a woman in a male-dominated field, it is refreshing to work for a firm that values what I have to offer professionally while also encouraging a work life balance that many women with families are often lacking,” Catherine said. Catherine strives to provide unparalleled service for her clients, improving efficiencies by enhancing case-tracking and conflict-management tools. Catherine is looking forward to staying on top of new regulations and programs designed to protect everyone’s interests and address financial matters brought on by COVID-19.