Candace Russell
VP - Post Sale // Carrington Mortgage Services

After 18 years in the industry, Candace Russell feels the world of policymaking is where she and her colleagues can make an impact on the entire system or process. “We all hope that the impact we make by working on all the small details of a rule, policy, or a bill move the needle forward for the better,” she says. “Knowing that pouring yourself into even the small matters eventually can affect major change and benefit the industry and the consumers is immensely satisfying.” For two years, Russell has served as the Loan Administration Committee Vice Chair and Chair for the MBA. She also has started a women and minority leadership group to help encourage participation in the industry. Being a woman, or a member of any minority group comes with challenges, she says, although she awaits a day in which gender and race will be a nonissue in the workplace. “It is an often-overlooked privilege to work for yourself and your own goals without intended or unintended consequences to an entire people group,” she explained. As for the industry’s near future, she bases predictions on evidence, data, and experience, she says. “I think we will see people in power positions focus on how to keep people in their homes for as long as possible and how to open up the home market to those being shut out. There is no one answer or one branch that can fix these issues they will be multi-prong approaches with red tape, a lot of debating, and a lot of passion.”