Amy Neumann
FVP and Director of Late Stage Delinquency // Flagstar Bank

Amy Neumann has been with Flagstar bank for more than five years and was recently appointed FVP Director of Late Stage Delinquency. In this role, she enjoys collaborating daily with her team to create solutions to industry challenges while assisting customers. “Especially during this pandemic, this is a highly motivating facet of the role,” Neumann said. Neumann reports that she navigates carving out a healthy work-life balance in her day-to-day, especially with raising three children. A success that she is proud of is designing a comprehensive foreclosure oversight procedure for the Flagstar team. Before her current role at Flagstar, Neumann served as the bank’s VP and National Foreclosure Manager. She was also a Senior Managing Litigation Attorney at Trott Law, PC. She received her Bachelor of Science from Oakland University and her Juris Doctor from the Wayne State University of Law. In Neumann’s free time, she has volunteered to provide immigrants’ legal services and be a community volunteer with Big Family of MI Inc. When looking ahead to 2021, Neumann pinpointed the rollout of CARES Act provisions as something that will be an essential area of focus. “Servicers will need to be able to demonstrate compliance with applicable CARES Act provisions. In the default space, this will be crucial to avoid delays,” explained Neumann. “Also, the expected increase in default volume paired with historically low pre-pandemic numbers will create additional industry-wide challenges. Capacity issues combined with the additional COVID related procedural requirements, and with little notice that moratoria are ending, could result in significant challenges impacting all facets of default."