The Black Book Online Directory is the most comprehensive and detailed source of legal firms serving the default servicing industry. Thousands of professionals have turned to this trusted industry resource over the past decade, making it the most important place to market your firm and showcase your offerings.

1. Who Should Apply

The Black Book is open to all law firms serving the default servicing community and providing other financial services to lenders, servicers, and more.

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Display the talents of your firm by signing up for a photo profile or text listing in the DS News Black Book. Submitting an application is simple. Click below to get started by sharing your company bio, a list of services you offer, links to your website, and contact information, and more. It’s just that simple.

3. Get Listed

After completing your profile, a member of the DS News team will contact you to complete the signup process. Once completed, your information will be available online to all lenders, servicers, vendor managers, and government agencies across the nation and your firm will be included in the annual print edition of the DS News Black Book. As the primary source for professionals seeking legal services in the mortgage industry, the Black Book is the best place to market your firm.

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